Building Management System


At MVN Facility we understand the importance of complying with regulations and ensuring your buildings operate smoothly and efficiently, this is why we offer a range of electrical testing services to make sure that your appliances and fire systems remain safe and fully operational at all times.

These works are done following guidelines and instruction of the experts. Our highest quality BMS/BAS works are highly appreciated by the customers for their reliability and affordable prices. It successfully meets with the needs and requirements of customers and complies with national, internationals, and other certified quality standards.

Our electrical testing services include:
1. Planned maintenance schedules
2. Testing and reporting service
3. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
4. Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)
5. Emergency light testing
6. Fire alarm and fire defence system maintenance
7. Access control systems maintenance
8. 24-hour emergency response service.

To find out more about how our electrical testing services can help ensure the safe and smooth operation of your buildings please contact us today.